Prelude, Duets and Arias

ID: SM-000035813
CompositorMichael Graubart
EditoraMichael Graubart
Ano de composição 2007
Gênero Clássico / Peça
Instrumentação Flauta
Composição paraSolo
Tipo de composiçãoFor a single performer
duração 5'0"
movimento(s) 1 para 2 de 2
dificuldade Difficult
descripção An expressive, two-movement, 12-note piece for solo flute (low B required). Both movements use different registers and different tone-colours to create the impression of a two-part texture. In the Prelude, this forms a motet-like structure of cantus firmus and descant; in the main movement, monophonic melodies alternate with duet-like sections. Some multiphonics are used, but ossias are provided.
data de postagem 06.09.2010


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