Cardamom Snow

ID: SM-000367582
KomponistMichael Graubart
Jahr der Komposition 2018
Genre Klassische Musik / Chormusik
Instrumentierung Gemischter Chor
Art der PartiturKlavierauszug mit Singstimmen
Länge 3'50"
Satz, Nr. 1 bis 1 von 1
Schwierigkeitsgrad Fortgeschritten
Beschreibung A short a cappella choral piece commissioned for the BBC Singers, setting a touching text by a group of Syrian refugees in England. They are both hesitant and excited by the first sight of snow, but a reference to the C17 - 18 lament bass reminds them of loss. The discovery that, though different in size, everyone's footprints in the snow are the same is the optimistic climax of the setting, which, however, turns to memories of the homeland and ends nostalgically in a remote harmonic region.
Datum des Uploads 03.07.2019


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