Michael Graubart
I was born in Vienna in 1930 and came to England as a refugee in 1938. I studied physics and mathematics at Manchester University and then flute with Geoffrey Gilbert, composition with Mátyás Seiber and conducting with Lawrence Leonard.

I was Director of Music of Morley College in London for about 20 years, Music Director of Focus Opera and Adjunct Professor of Music at the London campus of Syracuse (USA) University; later Senior Lecturer in academic studies at the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester.

My music has been commissioned by BASCA, Kathron Sturrock, Katharina Wolpe and performed and broadcast by Kathron Sturrock, Katharina Wolpe, Anthony Green, Cecil Aronowitz, Watson Forbes, Ulrike Anton, John Turner, Lawrence Leonard, The Lake/Maryon-Davies Duo, the Arditti Quartet, the BBC Singers and others.